From the recording Self Titled

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Sammy Terry

Good morning darlin' welcome to my insane life
You're broken, insufficient you're just all out of time
I keep coming by and testing your
emotional weakness
Try to bleed you and concede you til you run out of time
You're goin down, you're goin down
Don't fight, there's no way out of it
You're goin down, ain't fallin' down
It's time don't change it
You can keep all the lights on angel
I've got all that you need
I know I got the angle on you
Go ahead, take your soul, go ahead
Hope is fading, so frustrating, bitterness to the end
Its cold in here the sweat of fear, heart's now pulling tight
Can't catch your breath, the smell of death, the more you react
The more you try, the time has come, to just fade away
Chorus x 2
Repeat Bridge